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"Fitness to me isn't about a crunch or a push up, It's about taking your POWER back."

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Tuck in with a cuppa and a cozy blanket, and prepare to be inspired! Berries and Brawn is a growing business based out of San Diego, CA. Our goal to inspire others to be the very best they can. We hope you find a little something here to spurn you on to live your most fulfilled and passionate life possible!
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What the heck is presence anyways?

Doesn't this spot look absolutely delicious? Don't know about you, but I feel completely relaxed looking at this. Now, what if you were super mega busy, with a million things to do and were forced to sit still here...would your mind be there too? Or would it be racing with a million things to do? ... VIEW POST

4 Reasons Why You’ll Never See Me Push Crossfit

Now that we’re focused on getting back to normal post-COVID, no doubt there are plenty people out there looking for the most efficient way to lose some fluff and get back into those sexy slacks for work.  You might be thinking, “Let’s see...if I could work out 30 min a day, get buff and drop the ... VIEW POST

10 Power Foods to Boost your Memory and Help Fight Alzheimer’s at any Age

A few weeks back, we had a situation with my abuelita.  It was 2 in the afternoon. She was completely unresponsive, no motor control and, while I was not there, my family tells me her blood sugar was a major culprit.  We have a long history of diabetes in our family. She has since ... VIEW POST

Art, Abuse, & Play Routines

I recently used this image on a social media post….and I had to deliberate as to whether or not I should share details regarding my own personal story.  The post was centered around a few pieces of abstract art I recently did...I'll toss those images in throughout this post. You see, my family, ... VIEW POST

8 Tips to Rocking Your Rose Garden

I remember being a young girl, about 15 or so, and I just loved roses, but never had the room for a garden, so I hadn't quite developed my sea legs yet when it comes to playing with dirt…and more importantly…flowers. And YES, flowers are VERY important. I'll never forget, I had an aunt that we ... VIEW POST

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